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August 7, 2019

Автор: PlayMango

Написано: August 7, 2019

Tired of looking for a stable project?

Do not miss your chance to become the first in the project that has gathered all the best.

Would you like adrenaline?

Want stability?

Do you want to spend a comfortable time with friends?

Do you like the Olympics?

Tired of changing the server every week?

With us you will forget about the boring and monotonous game.

What awaits you

Own development chain for the Classic version starting from version 1.0
5 races and 31 classes (without Kamael and Ertheia).
The server is implemented on the PTS platform.
Lack of bots, radars, clickers, etc.
Well-designed Olympics!
Each class has been carefully worked out!
Phased development of the project!
Ru and EU community on 1 project

Take a look at Classic in a new light !

Updated, improved client without unnecessary clicks and installations.

The game is fully translated into 3 languages ​​of the English language ENGLISH and mixed.

Modified and colorful interface.

Class balancing. Now everything is up to your hands.

We took the best of the Classic chronicles - what attracts and makes the game both rich and interesting.


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